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Things to consider when hiring a residential electrician

When the need arises, you deserve the most professional, competent and highly skilled residential electricians to tend to your electrical servicing needs.

How to save money on electricity this summer

Many local Geelong residents hesitate to have an air conditioner installed in their homes due the financial pressures that can come from using electrical devices.

Common electrical issues that your commercial electrician faces

Reliable and experienced commercial electricians in businesses throughout the Geelong region are dedicated to finding a solution to the electrical issues that you may be facing.

The danger of electrical faults in your home

Most of us can’t wait to get home after a long day hard of work or adventure. Our homes provide the comfort we enjoy after a long day at work.

What to consider before your security system installation

Home, office and workplace security system installation benefits not only you but your most prized and personal possessions.

Switching your home to LED lighting

Many families choose to use LED lighting because they are low wattage and are energy efficient.

Adding Security Lighting To Your Home

We can all agree that to be comfortable in your own home you need to feel secure.

How to Save Electricity in Winter

On cold winter days, your house is your haven from the biting wind, freezing frost, and chilly weather mother nature produces over the season.

Do dimmer switches save power?

Dimmer switches can be aesthetically great assets to a home’s ambience and functionality by adjusting the level of light to achieve anything from suiting a particular mood to showcasing a feature area.

Why it’s important to have your house wiring checked

On average there are around 3000 house fires in Victoria each year. Approximately a third of those are caused by electrical faults and building wiring problems in the home.

Electrical safety tips for the Christmas holidays

Christmas is almost here for another year; the decorations have made their way on to the tree and summer holiday preparations are well underway.

How to keep your children safe from electrical hazards in the home

Kids and babies love to touch things they shouldn’t, including anything electrical in the home.

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