How Often Do You Need To Test and Tag

The Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 mandates that workplace electrical equipment must be declared safe to protect workers from potential hazards with lasting, devastating effects. To fulfill their obligations for worker safety, workplaces must conduct testing and tagging of their electrical appliances.

What is testing and tagging?

The process of testing and tagging of appliances is to verify the safety of those about to use them. It includes testing the safety of electrical appliances connected to the electrical supply via a connecting device. If the appliance passes the safety test, an attached tag provides key information, including the test date, the person who conducted it, and the next test date.

Who is responsible for test and tag?

The responsibility of testing and tagging lies with the person who has a legal responsibility for the safety of equipment and the workers using them. The employer, main contractor, or self-employed individual must ensure the proper testing and safety of all plug-in equipment. When searching for Testing and Tagging providers, make sure they hold a certificate to test Portable Electrical Appliances to Australian Standards 3760 & 3012.


What equipment is needed:

Any electrical appliance/equipment that has a chord or connecting device that can be plugged into a workplace powerpoint is to be tested and tagged. This can include:

  • Heating devices and fans
  • Extension cords and powerboards
  • Laptop and mobile phone charging devices
  • Electric power tools and charges
  • Electrical office equipment
  • Electrical cleaning equipment
  • Portable RCD’s
  • Televisions and audiovisual equipment
  • Kitchen appliances

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