The danger of electrical faults in your home

Most of us can’t wait to get home after a long day hard of work or adventure. Our homes provide the comfort we enjoy after a long day at work. However, electrical faults in the home can be a significant threat to you and your family’s safety. An electrical fault is a danger that should be seen to by your qualified, local electrician. It is important to be aware of the dangers involved:

Regular Electrical Surges:

A power surge is the sharp spike in a homes electrical current. These electrical surges can be caused by faulty appliances, damaged power lines, inappropriate electrical household wiring and lightning strikes to name a few. An electrical power surge is very short lived and will last a microsecond. However, frequent surges will do damage to your home and lower the life expectancy of the electrical components connected to your home.

Regular Light Bulbs Burnouts:

There are several reasons as to why your lights are burning out often and these can prove threatening to the safety of the occupants in your home. This can include wattage that is at a significantly high level, ineffective wiring on the circuit and the mains, insulation located too closely to the light and poor connections on the circuit. If you find you are replacing your light globes frequently and in short time spans, it is recommended that you contact your local electrician.

Circuit Breaker Frequently Tripping:

Electrical items with a high level of wattage, such as microwaves and clothes dryers, can be the cause of a trip in your circuit breaker. Especially as these electrical items consume a significant amount of power are used on the same source. Faults with appliances is also a common reason for circuit breakers tripping. The purpose of a circuit breaker is to protect you and your family. When it trips, this signifies that it is correctly working. To reduce the chances of a tripping circuit breaker, you can begin by limiting your electrical usage while using your high watt electrical appliances.

Circuit Overload:

When you notice your lights flicker, mild shocks from appliances, burning odour or regular fuse blows, this can be a sign of an oncoming electrical circuit overload. When electrical appliances with high wattage connected to the same circuit are all in use at the same time, this can exceed the capacity of electrical wiring and cause an overload.

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