Things to consider when hiring a residential electrician

. When the need arises, you deserve the most professional, competent and highly skilled residential electricians to tend to your electrical servicing needs.  With the right electrical contractor you can be sure that any electrical work regarding your home will be of high quality and performed to a high standard. So how do you find the right electrical contractor?


It is highly important that you ensure your residential electrician is appropriately licensed and adheres to Energy Safe Victoria electrical safety standards and policies. In order to find these details of your residential electrician you can request them from the electrical company’s organisation, or if they are an independent contractor you can confirm they have a valid license through the Energy Safe Victoria website. These checks are essential as they ensure you have been provided professional and qualified contractors who have the ability to cover any necessary work you need tended to.


Alongside the importance of validating your residential electricians licence, many states of Australia require electrical contractors to hold public liability insurance. This is a requirement  that secures them a Registered Electrical Contractors license. The purpose of public liability insurance is to cover electricians from the financial impacts of any negligence. This means that should you make a claim against your electricians company for any property damage that may have occurred. This insurance will cover any necessary costs to this claim.

Certificate of Electrical Safety (COES):

After completing your electrical job, your residential electrician will issue you a Certificate of Electrical Safety (COES). This document confirms adherence to Victoria’s quality and safety standards. When inquiring about services, request this certificate from your electrical contractor, as all Registered Electrical Contractors should be willing to provide it.

Recommendations and Reviews:

When searching for an electrical company or contractor it is highly important that an electrician provides you with their Registered Electrical Contractors license. Ensure they are willing to give you a Certificate of Electrical Safety on the completion of the job. If not, it is best you keep looking. Do some research, search business pages for reviews and testimonials or ask for recommendations from friends and family.

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