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Why do you need ceiling fans in your home?

Ceiling fans are a staple in Geelong homes. Providing an instant cooling effect, they are considered energy efficient and therefore environmentally friendly. At Albert Corn & Son, we have been installing ceiling fans for decades and is an authorised supplier of the Brilliant fan range.

Alert: Landlords You Need to Know These New Electrical Safety Responsibilities

From March 29 2021, the Victorian Government will begin to enforce the Rental Tenancy Amendments 2021. As Rental Providers, previously known as landlords, you will have new electrical safety responsibilities.

Fan Installation – What to look for when choosing an Electrician. 

Australian summers can get a little bit stuffy, so ceiling fans are a welcome addition to our homes. They provide fabulous airflow to all spaces including our bedrooms, indoor and outdoor lounge areas. There are many things to consider when installing a ceiling fan and we are here to help you make some decisions. 

When should you consider rewiring your home?

Rewiring your home is something that is not often thought about but can be very beneficial for homeowners who own an older property. 

Why You Need an Office Security System

CCTV office security is like having someone monitoring your precious space for you when no one is physically there. There are so many benefits to having a security system, you might feel blind without it.

How to safely light up your home this Christmas

How safe are the Christmas lights that we have in our home? Can we trust that they are not going to cause electrical incidents?

Christmas time is a stressful time of year for everyone, the last thing you want to do is plug in lights that will cause an electrical fault in your home.

How Can I Better Organise My Home Office Space? 

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly meant a lot of changes for how we live and work. Working from home is the new normal, however, for some, our home office is less than ideal in terms of layout and accessibility of technology.

Residential & Commercial Security Systems – Keeping Safe at Home or Work

Feeling safe and secure in our homes and at our workplaces is so important to us all. If we are not feeling safe and secure, it can affect our concentration, our mental health and our quality of sleep.

The benefits of energy efficient lighting

Lighting can make up roughly 10% of a power bill, but this percentage can be significantly reduced if you use energy efficient bulbs.

All you need to know about smoke alarm installation

Smoke alarm installation is necessary for all types of residential dwellings because it helps prevent fires which could result in property damage or loss of life.

Is Your Safety Switch Working?

Do you want to ensure that your family is protected against electrical shocks? Then you need to have working safety switches for every circuit in your home.

How Often Do You Need To Test and Tag

Workplace electrical equipment is required to be deemed safe by the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 to protect workers from dangerous hazards that can have devastating, life lasting effects.

Do you need an experienced electrician?

Our proven track record of over 70 years as electrical contractors servicing Geelong, enables us to quickly identify your needs and offer you the best possible solutions.

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