Common electrical issues that your commercial electrician faces

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Reliable and experienced commercial electricians in businesses throughout the Geelong region are dedicated to finding a solution to the electrical issues that you may be facing.

Knowledgeable commercial electricians with the appropriate hands-on training and experience come across a common set of electrical issues weekly on the job. Home electrical problems such as overcrowded wiring, exposed wires, and faulty GFCI outlets can be electrical issues that businesses face. However, the following Geelong electrical issues are more prominent:

Circuit Breakers Tripping:

A circuit breaker will shut off it’s electrical flow if it detects an overloaded circuit. This ensures the circuit does not overheat and and protects you from the repercussions of having to deal with the disaster of an electrical fire. When circuit breakers and switches trip frequently, this is generally a sign that the switchboard will need to be upgraded or the add a circuit to accommodate the load of your business. This can be caused by a short circuit or ground fault, or can also be the result of an overheating appliance. The issue of circuit breakers tripping is particularly common in cold storage and manufacturing businesses, as these business will use up a significant amount of energy to run successfully. Upgrades may be needed to cater to the capacity needed to power your business.

Redundant Wiring:

Your business’s unique energy requirements will differ to other businesses around you. For example, properties owners before you may have invested toward installing circuits or include extra wiring. It is not common for redundant wires to pose as problem, however when redundant wires are not capped properly or been terminated, this can pose as a possible electrical hazard. It is important to understand that any redundant wiring that has not been seen to by a commercial electrician is still supplied with power, this means that your chances of electric shock are raised highly if you come into contact. Never touch a wire that does not attach to another area, this is to be seen to by your commercial electrician.

Rodents Behind The Walls:

Discovering rodents behind the walls of your business can be a frustrating inconvenience and pause the successful running of your business. Whether an infestation or single animal invasion, both situations are just as dangerous and damaging as each other. Rodents pose as harmful threats to your electrical system, they continually chew through wires and can cause major damage which can encourage electrical fires.

With Geelong electricians faced with these problems regularly, you can trust them to look after your commercial electrical issues. If you need to address similar electrical issues that your business is currently experiencing, give Albert Corn & Son a call. Albert Corn & Son have provided professional and effective electrical services to Geelong residents for over seventy years, safety is important and we firmly make it our priority.

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