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As one of  the leading domestic electrician in Geelong, our team is committed to providing you with great solutions for all of your home electrical needs.

At Albert Corn & Son, we are the go-to residential electrician in Geelong. We fully understand the stress and challenges that can arise when building a new home or navigating a renovation, not to mention those pesky sudden power outages. As a reputable domestic electrician, we are dedicated to providing a quality service that assists you every step of the way.

The works we can complete includes:

Electrical contractors in Geelong, Office lighting, Electrical upgrades

Energy-Saving Solutions for Sustainable Living

We recognise the importance of energy efficiency and its impact on your energy bills. Our team are experts in energy-saving solutions and dedicated to providing a quality service. Below are a few suggestions to consider when looking to save on your utility bills.

  • Smart Home Technologies Monitor and control energy usage with ease through smart thermostats, plugs, and lighting systems.
  • Energy-Efficient Appliances Upgrading to energy-efficient refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners reduces energy consumption.
  • Solar Power Solutions Install solar panels to generate clean and renewable energy, cutting down electricity costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Energy Audits and Recommendations Comprehensive energy audits identify areas for improvement and offer tailored solutions to maximise energy savings.

As the preferred residential electrician in Geelong, we value our customers and we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional customer care. Our friendly team is ready to assist you with any inquiries or concerns, ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience with us.

Electrical Safety Checks

As part of the new Rental Tenancies Act regulations, which came into effect on March 29, 2021, rental providers must ensure that an electrical safety check of all electrical installations, appliances and fittings are conducted every two years by a licensed electrician. At Albert Corn and Son, we want everyone to be compliant with the new electrical safety laws and are offering two-yearly Electrical Safety Checks and yearly smoke alarm checks.

Our Electrical Safety Checks are thorough and are conducted with minimal disruption by an experienced electrician. We have been performing electrical safety checks on rental properties for many years. We have significant experience and knowledge regarding electrical home safety and can identify concerns and give you advice to ensure you understand your property. If requested, we will perform minor repairs at the same time as the check to ensure your property is compliant with the safety requirements. We can also send you reminders for your next two-yearly electrical safety check and yearly smoke alarm check.


Electrical Safety Checks

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