Switching your home to LED lighting

Many families choose to use LED lighting because they are low wattage and are energy efficient. Incandescent light bulbs are not as bright as as LED light bulbs however they use five times more power in order to produce an equal amount of light as their LED counterparts.

Why use LED?

15% of the average residential home power bill goes toward lighting. While it may not seem like much every bit added up over time counts. Switching your lighting to LED will not only reduce your power bills but reduce maintenance that can be required. LED lighting also has a longer lifespan than incandescent lighting and will be able to run for over 20,000 hours rather than the average 2,000 to 10,000.

Lumens or Watts, what do I look for?

Watts are a measure of how much electricity the light bulb eats up. When switching from incandescent globes to LED, it is easier to look at the lumens figure rather than the watts. LEDs use a lot less energy, so if you have a 80W incandescent you can’t choose an 80W LED.To make it easier be sure to compare the lumens instead. They are a measure of the brightness and even though the watt rating will be different between globe types the lumens rating between LED and incandescent light bulbs will be equivalent.

Colour options:

As well as comparing the lumens and watts, you will find that there is a range of coloured lighting you can choose from for LED.

You may like to choose a bulb that has a warm glow for your living area which has a yellow tone to it. Maybe you’d prefer to have a cool white for your bathroom? There is a shade suited to every home.

Dimming LEDs:

Dimmers limit the amount of electricity that a light can get access to.

Purchasing an LED bulb to use in a conventional dimmer socket might not work because LEDs are not dependant on the energy they receive. Consider having your current dimmer switch replaced and make sure you purchase an LED bulb that is compatible with conventional dimmers (you can find this labelled on the pack).

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