Adding Security Lighting To Your Home

We can all agree that to be comfortable in your own home you need to feel secure. Sensor lights are a great convenience, they allow outdoor lighting with minimised power consumption but they also offer security in deterring intruders. Many residents are choosing to get security lighting installed for the extra peace of mind. If this is something you have been considering, it is worthwhile consulting a reliable electrician who can advise you of the best lighting for each situation in your home.

Types of security lighting systems

If you have or are choosing to get CCTV cameras installed, sensor lighting will make it easier to identify any intruders. Security systems generally have two different types of lighting you can choose from: Infrared (IR) and Visible (White).

Infrared security lights operate without you even seeing them in action. These lights make use of the frequency of light that you cannot see in order to get their captures.

White light is when a sensor is activated and a light switches on, this can deter intruders and draw their attention to the fact they are being watched.

Programmable Security Lighting

Switching up your routine is important because some intruders like to monitor homes before they attempt to break in. It’s not easy to step out of your normal routine, but there is security lighting available that allows you to set a program to come on at different times each evening.

Security Lighting Maintenance

Maintaining the light fixtures of your security lights is easy and ensures they continue to work safely and keep your home secure. You can keep your security lighting maintained by doing the following steps.

  • Clean lenses with a soft cloth
  • Replace any damaged electrical parts
  • Replace bulbs that are burning out
  • Tend to any nearby obstructions such as tree branches or shrubs.

Security Lighting Installation

We recommend the following considerations when having security lighting installed:

  • Consider locations for your lighting that make it difficult for people to tamper with
  • Use wire covers that will protect the lighting fixtures
  • Test the sensitivity of the fixtures and adjust to suit
  • Ensure the fixture points toward the ground and not elsewhere such as the street

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