Residential & Commercial Security Systems – Keeping Safe at Home or Work

Feeling safe and secure in our homes and at our workplaces is so important to us all. If we are not feeling safe and secure, it can affect our concentration. Our mental health and our quality of sleep. However, when we look at options for what will make us feel safe enough. There are many options and what is ‘safe enough’ for one person is inadequate for others.

Here are the different levels of security that are available to help you make your decision about which system suits your circumstances.

Types of Security Systems

Security Lighting

For some, security lighting alone does the trick. They are content in knowing that if someone enters the property. Bright lighting will illuminate a designated area and this is enough of a deterrent for would-be intruders.

Motion Sensor Alarms

For others, a security intrusion detector alarm system is essential. This is where an alarm or an alert is sounded when movement is detected by the motion sensors. Some alarm systems have no cameras attached but people still feel at ease that an alarm has sounded and attention has been drawn to the property. In addition, a notification is also received by the owner that the alarm has been activated. This provides an added sense of security for people if an intruder was to enter the house during the day as they are able to tell authorities exactly what time the alarm was set off.

CCTV – Closed Circuit Television

CCTV is now the preferred level of security for many homes and businesses as it has become more discrete and readily available.  CCTV is a self-contained surveillance system comprising of cameras, audio recorders and display screens for monitoring activity. The increased capabilities of CCTV in recent years make it a standout for obtaining complete peace of mind.

The old analog CCTV systems used VHS tape and either a single or fixed number of cameras were installed.

Modern CCTV is now connected and transmitted over ethernet or WI-FI and offers the ability to add additional cameras to a system easily. With CCTV you have the ability to add as many cameras as you need. They can be linked to whatever device you would like.

The visual quality of CCTV is amazing. You have the ability to zoom in on the cameras remotely to focus on certain areas, and record events easily and send them via email or text in an instant.  It gives many people peace of mind that they easily identify intruders that may enter into their home. With CCTV, you can choose to view the cameras at any time and can also set up notifications so that if movement is detected on the cameras, you receive an instant alert.

At Albert Corn and Son, we have installed them in personal homes, at offices, businesses and farms (for livestock monitoring).  You name it, we can find a CCTV security solution that works for you.

WARNING: Registered CCTV installer

In Victoria, all installers of security equipment, including CCTV, need to be registered with the Victorian Government’s licencing division. Whoever you choose to install your CCTV, make sure you ask to see their registration. While the capabilities of these systems are incredible. You also want to make sure that you can trust that they are being installed by people that have been police checked and verified via the licencing system of Victoria.  All Albert Corn and Son contractors are registered with the licensing division which can be viewed upon request to help ease your concerns.

Choose Albert Corn and Son

We want to make sure you are getting the best security system possible and that it meets your circumstances. We have a range of options available and would be happy to discuss your specific requirements. If you are looking for a reputable business to install a security system that is perfect for you, give Albert Corn and Son a call on (03) 5245 7727.


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