Power Point Installations

We need more power points

The need for power points in homes has increased in recent years because, while people had a few shared devices in the past, these days, every member of the household has several of his or her own devices, and they all need to be plugged in at some point. Additionally, thanks to advancements in technology, there are a lot more appliances that we use in the kitchen and plenty more electronic gadgets in the living room.

So, if you live in an older house, you may have noticed that you are always running out of power points. In the past, electricians didn’t think that it was necessary to put more than one socket in each power point, and that is very limiting to members of the modern household. Luckily Albert Corn & Son are experts at power point installations.

Safe power outlet installation

Our electrical company provides fast and affordable installation of extra power points for households that need them. We can replace your single power points with double power points, or if you would prefer it, we can start from scratch and put up new power point installations altogether.

We have experienced electricians who can come over to your home and make an accurate assessment of the number of power points need to be added while keeping the safety of your family in mind.

Single, double, USB and testing of power points

We offer power point installations in the following scenarios: when clients want to repair current power points; when homeowners want to change their single power points into doubles; when clients wish to upgrade the power points that are in place; when they want to add new power points so as to have more; and when clients want power points that have additional USB sockets. You can also hire us if you feel the need to test all your power points to ensure that they are safe and well installed.

If you are renovating your house, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to modernise it by putting in shiny new power points.

If you are selling the house, adding power points in strategic places can make it more appealing to buyers so that it won’t stay on the market for long. Just call our skilled and experienced electricians, and they will solve any power point issues that you have, as fast as possible.

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