Fault Finding and Repairs Services

At Albert Corn & Son, we take pride in being the preferred electrical contractor in Geelong. We’re dedicated to providing top-notch services to our clients and complying with all regulations and standards. Our services are designed to address any electrical issues you may be experiencing in your residential or commercial properties.

Our fault finding and repair services include:

Circuit Diagnosis and Repair

If you’re experiencing frequent circuit breakers tripping or electrical outlets not working, Albert Corn & Son can diagnose the issue and repair it quickly. 

Lighting Repairs

Whether it’s a flickering light, a burnt-out bulb, or a malfunctioning fixture, we can identify and fix lighting problems efficiently.

Electrical Outlet Issues 

If your outlets are sparking, overheating, or not providing power, our team can troubleshoot and repair these issues without hassle. 

Faulty Wiring 

Faulty or outdated wiring can be dangerous. We can detect and replace any faulty wiring to prevent electrical fires and hazards.

Appliance Repairs 

If your electrical appliances are not functioning correctly, our technicians can diagnose and repair the electrical components to restore functionality.

Electrical Panel Problems 

If your electrical panel is tripping frequently or showing signs of wear, we can identify the issue for you and perform necessary repairs or replacements.

Safety Inspections and Repairs 

Regular electrical safety inspections are essential. If we find any potential hazards during an inspection, we can perform the necessary repairs to ensure your electrical systems are safe and up to code. 

Surge Protection Repairs

If your surge protection system is not working correctly, the team can repair or replace it to safeguard your electronics and appliances.

Electrical contractors in Geelong, Office lighting, Electrical upgrades

Why choose Albert Corn & Son?

Electrical faults can disrupt your daily routines and compromise your safety and the safety of your property. Our skilled technicians are equipped to quickly diagnose and resolve a wide range of electrical problems. Safety is our utmost priority, and we take every precaution to make sure that your electrical systems meet the highest standards. 

When it comes to electrical systems, hiring a professional to perform these services is essential. Let Albert Corn and Son ensure the safety of your electrical systems and help you keep your home safe. 


Electrical contractors in Geelong, Office lighting, Electrical upgrades
Electrical safety check

Finally, an electrical contractor in Geelong you can rely on.

We pride ourselves on prompt and efficient service, always responding swiftly to your calls, and minimising any disruptions to your home or business. When you choose Albert Corn & Son, you can trust us to deliver quality repairs that stand the test of time.

Explore our range of services, find the perfect solution to your electrical needs and then get in touch with us today. We look forward to serving you and your family and keeping your electrical systems running smoothly and safely.

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