Why Electrical Safety Inspections Give Property Managers Peace Of Mind

While keeping tenants safe is paramount, knowing your property is fully compliant with the current Residential Tenancies Act makes your job as a Property Manager considerably less stressful. Since March 29, 2021, it has been a requirement for residential rental providers to conduct electrical safety inspections on their rental properties every two years with smoke alarms every 12 months. While it is a legal requirement to be compliant, there are many more benefits to having an electrical inspection on your rental property.

Save Money

Just like the rest of your property, your electrical system is also subject to wear and tear. If left untreated there is the potential to cause costly damage to your entire electrical system and appliances. By conducting regular electrical inspections you are able to catch issues before they result in serious faults. A qualified electrician can determine the safety of the system and perform approved upgrades that can save you money in the long run.

Safety First

20 Australians every year are hospitalized from electrocution with over half of those electrocutions occurring in the home. We rely on electricity to run our households every day, so it’s easy for damaged wires, dodgy powerpoints and faulty systems to go unnoticed. By regularly keeping an electrical safety record, electrical hazards can be avoided to better protect your property and family over the long run.

Improved Efficiency

An ineffective electrical system with faulty wiring can cost you thousands of dollars in electrical bills, not to mention the stress and frustration experienced by you and your tenants trying to fix the problem. By scheduling regular electrical inspections, a qualified electrician can recommend changes and upgrades to your system for more efficient provision of electricity, saving you money, time and energy.

Peace of Mind

If your rental property is older, having regular electrical inspections is important to prevent system failures and electrical fires. A qualified electrician can recommend solutions such as rewiring for your property to ensure the safety and efficacy of your system, whilst also performing approved repairs to ensure your property is compliant and up to standard.


Smoke Alarms

Let’s not forget about smoke alarms. An essential component for your rental property, a qualified electrician will check that they are in working order and perform upgrades if required. They can also recommend optimal locations in the property for placement and ensure that interconnected smoke alarms are all communicating with one another. This will better protect your tenants and your property from potential fires.

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