Cost-Effective Electrical Upgrades In Geelong

Electrical upgrades can add the kind of value to your home that you’re likely not aware of. In the thousands! Electrical works aren’t always prioritised however if you plan your budget and choose cost-effective electrical upgrades you can make your home more safe, sustainable, aesthetic and functional, increasing its value. In this blog, we’ll walk you through the most cost-effective electrical upgrades that you can make this year to your home that won’t break the budget.

Switch to cost-effective LED lights with a local Geelong Electrician

The type of lighting that you have in your home is essential to achieve energy-efficient, effective, and long-lasting lighting solutions. LED lights can save up to 80% of your lighting cost compared to halogens, incandescent bulbs, and Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs). It’s no wonder that LED  lighting is becoming increasingly popular and more people are investing in switching.


installing LED staircase lighting
LED lights are a creative way to light staircases and walkways.


Install dimmer switches

Dimmer switches add ambience and more variety to your home lighting. They’re easy to install and give you total control over your lighting – improving the mood, allowing you to set it to any brightness you’d like and using less energy when bright lights aren’t required.

Install ceiling fans

Ceiling fans offer superior airflow and distribution of air around rooms. Ceiling fans add comfort and style and keep the household comfortable year-round. They also help to cut down energy costs as they’re an alternative to an airconditioner when you don’t require heavy-duty cooling.

Update data cabling and hardwiring

High-speed wifi in the home to power laptops, computers, tablets, phones, speakers and smart TVs is like magic. However, sometimes wifi doesn’t run so smoothly in all areas of the home and across all devices. Hardwiring and data cabling enables the magic of the internet in our homes. Older-styled wired systems don’t always perform efficiently. Upgrading to a wireless cable system will help you meet the expectations of any household and all the devices that connect to it. With the help of a good Geelong electrician, you can update data cabling and hardwiring to the expected level of your household and keep everybody happy.

Replace your switchboard/ electrical panel

A switchboard or electrical panel is the power distribution system of your home. The board or panel is a metal box with a door typically built into a wall in a hidden area of your home. Inside it contains all the breaker switches that protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by electrical overload or short circuits. Replacing your switchboard and breakers reduces your home’s electrical damage risk. A certified Geelong electrician can inspect your breakers and recommend the type of panel that best suits your home.

Signs that indicate your switchboard needs updating

There are many signs that indicate your switchboard needs an update. These include but aren’t limited to old wiring, overcrowded wiring, flickering lights, short-circuiting appliances and sparks when you plug in appliances.

How Geelong Electrician, Albert Corn and Son can help

The effect that electrical upgrades can have on your home’s function and sustainability are often unexpected. Electrical upgrades reduce the risk of electrical overload, increase the livability of your home and lower your power bills. This is also attractive to prospective buyers!

At Albert Corn & Son, we offer a range of electrical services including energy-efficient lighting (LED and lighting control systems, including dimmer switches), ceiling fans, phone and data cabling, Foxtel/ADSL and Broadband cabling, Electrical Safety Checks and switchboard upgrades. To enquire about making electrical upgrades to your home, give us a call on 03 5245 7727.

LED Staircase lighting

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