Lighting up your outdoor space

After investing in the landscaping and design of your backyard, it is now time to enjoy the space. But wait – you have forgotten about outdoor lighting! Outdoor lighting is essential when it comes to enjoying your outdoor room in the summer. Not to mention the added benefits of safety and security.

Where should I consider lighting?

If you are not an electrician the best way to start considering where there should be lights is by sketching out a rough design of the exits, where you will be congregating and what you want to feature perhaps.

When drawing out these plans there are a couple of areas we recommend you focus on: the pergola, the deck and your security lighting.

1. The Pergola

Your pergola (or patio) is likely your primary gathering space it is where you cook your food, eat your meals, set up a firepit and enjoy the company of your friends and family. It is essential to have adequate lighting in this space and it is critical that you pick the right lighting. In this space, the lighting needs to be functional and provide ambience to set the mood. Depending on how you want to utilise the space will depend on whether you opt for flood lighting, downlights or spotlights.

2. The Deck

If you have a deck or steps down into your outdoor space it is also critical to think about lighting in this area. The lighting in this area isn’t as much to set the mood as they are for safety. When considering how to light this space, you should highlight all drop-off zones (where people could trip and fall) and supportive railing for stairs. In this area, you should consider downlights and spotlights as they provide adequate lighting and are cost-effective.

3. Security Lighting

Just like the front of your house, you should consider security lighting in your backyard too, particularly if there are entrances on the side of the property leading to this space. It might not be necessary but the added security can provide comfort to yourself and your guests when enjoying the outdoors. These lights should be closer to the guttering of your property (but not exceeding 7m)  and should be motion sensor activated so you don’t have to fret about switching them on and off. When considering what they should illuminate make sure to consider trafficked areas, such as bin locations, fence lines and entryways.

Types of Lights to Consider

Outdoor lighting is different from general lighting. For starters, it needs to be weatherproof being able to endure extreme heat in the summer and icy mornings in the winter. When considering outdoor lighting you should consider energy efficiency as it can become quite a costly endeavour if you don’t. Some of the most efficient outdoor lighting on the market are LED or solar power lighting both of which can provide brighter solutions for fraction of the price when installed.

The other consideration that needs to be made is the voltage of your outdoor lights. The lower voltage is generally safer and less expensive to install. At Albert Corn and Son, we would recommend 12-volt lighting for outdoor spaces.

It’s also important to remember that sometimes less is more, particularly if you don’t want to endure costly electricity bills over the summer.

Install Lighting Safely This Summer

At Albert Corn and Son, we recommend that homeowners Don’t Do It Yourself (DDIY) when it, comes to electrical works as there are often lots of risks involved including electrocution. Instead, get in touch with our team, we can ensure your lighting dreams come true and can provide sound advice on how to best light up your outdoor space.

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