How to keep your children safe from electrical hazards in the home

Kids and babies love to touch things they shouldn’t, including anything electrical in the home.  From appliances and extension leads, to tv and computer cables, and power points; these household items need to be managed safely, so your child’s welfare and personal safety are taken care of on a daily basis.

As a parent, caring for your child and keeping them safe from harm is one of your most important roles. Therefore, actively childproofing your home from potential electrical hazards should be a high priority.

You can keep your family protected with these basic electrical safety tips that can help prevent unexpected accidents in your home as electricity is extremely hazardous when not used correctly.

Here are our top licensed electrician tips for childproofing your home.

Pinpoint possible electrical hazards

Firstly, visit every room in the house and inspect them thoroughly. You want to identify any potential electrical dangers which may not be immediately apparent.  Be sure to look down to your child’s level.  Check all power points and light switches, look behind furniture, on dressers, benches, countertops, side tables, and desks.

Ensure you have RCDs/ safety switches fitted and tested in your home. The safety switch will detect issues on the circuits throughout your house and shut the power down when required. Contact your electrician to test your safety switches.

Make electrical outlets childproof

Children love to explore and are usually attracted to the ‘holes in the walls’ made by electrical power points.  They love to poke their fingers, other household objects and toys into unused power outlets if they can.

As most rooms in the house have multiple power points, the most effective way to prevent kids from being a danger to themselves is to cover all unused outlets with electrical outlet caps.

Electrical outlet caps are hard to remove and will help prevent your child from potentially touching a live electrical current, which may have a disastrous outcome.

Covering unused electrical outlets that are accessible to toddlers, babies, and children is easily the most simple and important safety solution, you can take immediate action on when childproofing electrical outlets in your home.

Also, check the outlets and switches are in good condition.  Ensure there are no cracks or switches popping out of the wall plate.

Install and use power board covers

Powerboards are still widely used in many Australian homes to power multiple electrical items and devices at a specific location, i.e. entertainment zone and home office.

Most power boards are usually found sitting on top of cabinets or the floor, which are not ideal locations for your child’s safety.  Not only that, but it also is not unusual to find a group of power cords running a variety of electrical appliances plugged into one power board.

It is, however, simple and easy to childproof power boards and protect your child from harmful electrical burns or shocks.

We recommend you buy and install power board covers.  These covers wrap around the power board with holes at either end, for the cords to enter and exit and help prevent wires from being tampered with or pulled.  As an extra precaution, cover any gaps with duct tape or similar.

Fix and secure your electrical cords

If your home has electrical cords laying around it is inevitable your kids will try to pull on or play with the cords at some point.  Loose electrical wires mixed with children can be an accident waiting to happen.

To prevent these kinds of risks and any cords being pulled from the power outlet, move electrical cables, so they are out of reach of your children and roll up and tie securely lengthy cords.  This also ensures loose power cords don’t fall and create a potential injury if they land on your child.

Cover any cords that run along the floors and sides of walls with a rubber cord cover or duct tape to avoid tripping hazards.

How can your electrician help?

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