Common Oven Problems And When To Call An Electrician

Whether you’re trying to cook dinner, bake some delicious treats or want to make the kids a warm snack, a faulty oven can be a big problem and disruptive to your family life. These are the five common oven faults that we find customers regularly experience:

  1. Won’t Cook Your Food
  2. Door Doesn’t Shut
  3. Light Doesn’t Work
  4. Oven Temperature is Incorrect
  5. Oven Does Not Self-clean

At Albert Corn & Son, we can test and replace a range of faulty electrical appliances at an affordable price. Ovens are one of the most common electrical appliances to need servicing, and our technicians are highly experienced in dealing with most faults. They can provide you with a comprehensive report on your service so you know exactly what has been repaired.

5 Common Faults and When to Leave it to an Electrical Contractor

1. Won’t Cook Your Food

Not completely cooking your food is one of the most frustrating and obvious faults with an oven. Over time, temperature intensity deteriorates in ovens. The lack of temperature could also be related to a fault within the heating elements or temperature sensors.

If your food isn’t cooking correctly, one of the first things you can do is preheat your oven and visually inspect it to see if the selected element is hot. Once you have visually inspected it and determined there is a fault, you should call an appliance repair electrician, like our team at Albert Corn & Son. You should not try to fix this yourself as the faulty connection may be due to a number of factors, including corrosion. An electrician will be able to diagnose the fault correctly and repair it quickly and effectively.

2. Door Won’t Open Or Shut Properly

Your oven door not shutting or opening properly is another obvious nuisance to your home as it can affect the outcome of your dishes and produce undercooked food. There are two reasons why your door may not open or shut.

The first reason is that the hinges may be broken. With most ovens, you are able to visually inspect the hinges. When you inspect the hinges, check if they are moving properly and if they are wonky or stuck. If one is faulty then it is best to replace both hinges.

The other reason your door may not open or shut properly is because of a fault during a self-clean. If it has just self-cleaned and the door is not opening it is recommended that you unplug the oven for five to ten minutes before reconnecting. This should allow for a factory reset, and your door should open once reconnected. If there is still an issue following the reconnection, call an electrician.

3. The Light Doesn’t Work

Your oven light goes out while one of the most annoying faults is a common fault that is relatively easy to fix. Simply consult your user manual and replace the globe within the oven. Typically oven lights last 5-10 years so don’t worry if it does go out. However, if you have replaced it and the light is still not working, there could be a faulty connection and we recommend calling an electrician.

4. Oven Temperature Is Incorrect

This fault might be a little less noticeable as many homeowners don’t notice it until their food is taking too long or constantly burning.  When the oven temperature is incorrect, it is generally because the sensor isn’t calibrated or is burning out. While you may be able to disconnect your oven or perform a recalibration cycle, the best practice is to call an electrician. An electrician will be able to perform an electrical continuity test and determine where it is faulty and if it needs to be replaced.

5. Oven Does Not Self-Clean

If you have bought a house in the last five years, your oven likely has a self-cleaning feature. Self-cleaning ovens do not require chemical agents as they use high temperatures (up to 500°C) to clean and destroy crumbs. Often the self-cleaning feature just won’t run and it can be for a variety of reasons such as problems with the thermostat, the fusebox, the circuit breaker or the control box. When this occurs it is best to seek a professional electrical inspection.

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