Why You Need an Office Security System

Office Security Systems

CCTV office security is like having someone monitoring your precious space for you when no one is physically there. There are so many benefits to having a security system, you might feel blind without it. Offices should always have video surveillance so they are able to effectively protect their assets. If you configure the settings correctly, you can set up direct alerts to your phone anytime someone has entered your office or a certain area you want to keep protected. CCTV security systems also now come with HD image quality so there is a much clearer picture of who enters your office.

Theft Deterrence

One of the biggest benefits of a security system at your office is theft deterrence. If you are like most people, your movements to and from work are likely to be fairly predictable. You arrive at a certain time, give or take, depending on the length of the line for coffee or maybe the school traffic that day. With a little observation, a would-be intruder is aware of the best time to find the office unattended and unsecured. The absence of visible security systems makes a potential intrusion more enticing, as it significantly reduces the risk of intruders being seen and caught.

How can Albert Corn and Son help?

With our systems, you can playback video footage of exactly what happened at the time of a trigger/alert, or any other time period you wish to review. You can move the camera around from your phone, you can zoom in and out. The night vision is exceptional.  With this sort of technology in place, you can rest assured that you are going to be made aware of suspicious activity at your place of work.

All the benefits are especially important when you are arriving or leaving the office alone. The piece of mind these CCTV systems offer, is the reason so many have chosen to invest in them. If it’s time you invested in these too, then call us at Albert Corn & Son so we can get you all set up quickly.

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