Why do you need ceiling fans in your home?

Ceiling fans are a staple in Geelong homes. Providing an instant cooling effect, they are considered energy efficient and therefore environmentally friendly. At Albert Corn & Son, we have been installing ceiling fans for decades and is an authorised supplier of the Brilliant fan range. We can provide you with electrical design advice and correct installation so you can enjoy the summer comfortably.

In case you aren’t convinced, here’s why installing ceiling fans will improve your summer comfort without breaking the holiday budget.

What value does a ceiling fan provide?

They’re stylish

Gone are the days when ceiling fans were unfashionable and unsightly. With new contemporary designs, fans can add character and match any home’s aesthetic. Even the most discerning guests will be impressed with today’s interior-savvy fan solutions.

We recommend the Brilliant ceiling fans with a range on offer to suit classic and modern tastes. Choose from traditional white, new look metallic, dramatic black and coastal-style wooden finishes to complement your personal style.

Help reduce energy costs

The average indoor ceiling fan costs around 0.1c to 1.5c per hour to run, or between $0.99 and $10.71 over summer if it were used eight hours per day. When combined with an energy-efficient air conditioning system, you can keep your energy costs under control. When you have an integrated cooling system, you can set up your A/C to be up to 5 degrees warmer than usual, saving you up to 40% on your energy bill. Not only that, both systems perform better as neither are solely working to cool an entire home down from the Australian summer.

If you have opted for an air conditioning system with a reverse cycle, you will be happy to know you can save money in the winter too. Simply switch your fan to reverse cycle to turn anti-clockwise and push the warm air back into your room.

Extend your comfort zones

Air conditioning can be limited to one or two rooms in your home. With ceiling fans as a cost-effective solution, you can install them in all of your bedrooms and living spaces, delivering more affordable comfort to your home. Stagnant, hot, dry air can be disruptive to sleep in summer. Fans in bedrooms can keep the air moving before you go to bed so you can get to sleep with less sweating, tossing and turning.

Light up the room

Ceiling fans are also an easy way to add additional lighting to your space. Ceiling fans with lights can be an additional source of illumination and add more value to your home. With our Brilliant range, many of the fans come with a built-in lighting option. When enquiring, be sure to ask about lighting.

How can Albert Corn and Son help

At Albert Corn & Son, we offer a Brilliant range of ceiling fans to choose from. Our team can help you decide where they should best be placed for maximum comfort and follow through with professional installation. If you already have a ceiling fan picked out, no problem. Ask about our installation-only service. To enquire about our range or have a ceiling fan installed for the summer. Give us a call on 03 5245 7727.

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