Tips for transforming the lighting in your outdoor entertaining area

An outdoor entertaining area can be easily transformed into a welcoming well-lit ambient space for friends and family to get together when the right outdoor lighting has been installed.

Using outdoor lighting in creative and functional ways can also add value to your homes’ aesthetics, increase the size of your entertaining space, allow you to create ambient zones in the garden, and improve the overall safety and security of your home.

A little planning and research ahead of time will ensure your outdoor lighting is effective, designed correctly and sets the mood you desire for your outdoor space.

Before choosing the style of lighting fixtures, it is worthwhile taking the time to think about the type of outdoor lighting that will work best for your space.  Think about what you would like to achieve with your lighting.

  • Do you want to improve the functionality and aesthetic of your existing space?
  • Do you want to create an outdoor theme, i.e. a Bali garden?
  • Do you want to light up a tree as a main focal point?
  • Do you have a few noticeably dark spots that need extra lights?
  • Are there any features you would like to highlight?

Remember the best approach is to keep your design simple.  Don’t try to light up everything.  Shine on those areas you wish to accentuate and think about the mood you want to create.   And don’t forget to work to a budget.

Designing the right lighting theme around your outdoor and backyard space can add immense value to your home and create a beautiful zone for friends and family to enjoy.

Here are our top tips for improving your outdoor entertaining area with outdoor lighting.

Get creative and use a variety of outdoor lighting fixtures

When planning, a good starting point is to think of your lighting in terms of layers.  There are three types of outdoor lighting styles that you can use to create your layers; task, ambient, and accent lighting.

  • Task Lighting – A priority for any outdoor space for as the name suggests it is designed to be used in those areas that require functional lighting, i.e. illuminating pathways, outdoor cooking areas. It can also add depth to your more ambient lighting zones.
  • Ambient lighting – This style of lighting provides the overall illumination to the room, and balance is the key. It sets the mood and atmosphere of the space you are lighting, an important aspect when creating muted light zones outdoors to make your space more inviting.
  • Accent lighting – Focuses light on a selected object, i.e. lighting an outdoor statue or tree and adds visual interest to your outdoor space.

Save energy with smart light choices

When choosing your lighting, it is worthwhile considering any additional energy use that could occur when installing extra lighting.  Plan accordingly.

  • Pick your globes – halogen, CFL or LED are good choices.  Soft LED lights are rated to use 80% less electricity than standard lights with minimal maintenance.
  • Manage your light usage with lighting controls.  Install motion sensor lights, dimmer controls and timers.  These devices will also reduce your energy usage.

Choose the right outdoor fixtures

It is important to select outdoor light fixtures that suit the environment where you are installing your new lighting; are they undercover and away from the natural elements or are they fully exposed to the sun, wind and rain all year round?

Choose fixtures that work for your space;

  • Aim for balance and aesthetics. Choose a fixture that is larger than you think you need.  Step back and view how the fixture will look up close and from a distance in your planning.
  • Choose weather-proof fixtures made from weather-resistant materials for the best possible results.

How can your electrician help?

Remember, installing outdoor lighting is not a DIY project and will need to be installed by a qualified electrician.

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