Real Estate agents – Is it time for bi-yearly Safety checks

As a real estate agent, ensuring the safety and well-being of tenants should be a top priority. One highly important aspect of this responsibility is maintaining electrical safety in rental properties to ensure the safety of its occupants. With laws and requirements constantly receiving updates, we’ve put this guide together. It includes every detail you need to know about electrical safety checks and smoke alarm maintenance as well as the legal obligations that real estate agents must adhere to in order to protect both landlords and tenants.

Electrical safety checks

It is essential for real estate agents to understand the legal requirements regarding electrical safety checks in rental properties. According to the Victorian Residential Tenancies Regulations 2021, a licensed electrician must conduct an electrical safety check of all electrical installations, appliances, and fittings every two years. If this inspection has not been carried out within the last two years, it must be arranged as soon as possible. 


Real estate agents must ensure that a copy of the current Electrical Safety Check is kept on file, along with records of any electrical work performed on the property. By staying compliant with these regulations, agents can mitigate the risk of electrical hazards and safeguard the well-being of tenants.

Smoke Alarm Safety

In addition to electrical safety checks, real estate agents must prioritise the maintenance of smoke alarms in rental properties. Smoke alarms play a crucial role in early fire detection, providing tenants with vital warnings in the event of a fire. Regulations mandate that smoke alarms must be correctly installed, in working condition, and tested annually. 

If a smoke alarm is found to be malfunctioning, it is the responsibility of the residential rental provider to arrange for its replacement as an urgent repair. Real estate agents should conduct regular inspections to ensure that smoke alarms are functioning properly and take immediate action to address any issues identified. By maintaining smoke alarm safety, you’ll be doing your part in preventing fire-related injuries, as well as protecting landlords from potential liability.

What to look for in a service provider 

  • Up-to-Date Knowledge – It’s important to find a provider who stays up to date with changes in legislation and technology while obtaining all necessary licences. This ensures that the service you get is always aligned with the latest standards and regulations.
  • Detailed Reporting – Look for a service provider who finalises their checks with a comprehensive report detailing their findings. These findings should include photos of any identified issues, so that you fully understand and can address any electrical safety concerns at the property.
  • Prompt Repairs – The best providers will offer you the option to complete some repairs on the spot, should any issues arise during a safety check. 
  • Local Expertise – It’s always recommended that you work with a local provider. This is because they possess an intimate understanding of local buildings and their electrical systems. From modern high-rise apartments to Victorian-style homes, Geelong is unique, and you need someone well-versed in the electrical intricacies of the buildings in the area. 
  • Respectful and Efficient Service – It goes without saying that you should look for a provider who prioritises customer service. Opt for someone with experience working with rental property owners and real estate agents, so they know exactly what your expectations are. It’s also recommended that you find someone who will collaborate closely with you and your tenants to ensure minimal disruption while they complete the necessary electrical work.

Your partners in safety

As real estate agents, ensuring electrical safety in rental properties is not only a legal obligation but also a moral responsibility. By conducting regular electrical safety checks and smoke alarm maintenance, you’ll be creating a safe and secure living environment for tenants. By staying informed about relevant regulations and proactively addressing safety concerns, you won’t just be complying with legal regulatory requirements, you’ll enhance your own reputation and build trust with your clients as well.

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