How Can I Better Organise My Home Office Space? 

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly meant a lot of changes for how we live and work. Working from home is the new normal, however, for some, our home office is less than ideal in terms of layout and accessibility of technology. A quickly put together desk space, which was intended for a short period, is now becoming frustrating and in need of some clever changes.

So where do we start?


Your space needs to fulfil all your functional needs. Power points, internet connectivity and charging requirements are three of your key needs. Many people set up a computer in a space because that is where the powerpoint is located. However, if they thought about it, they would much prefer their home office to be in another space in the house, where they may have a nice view or better natural light. Some people may set up their spaces in these areas but use an extension lead to connect to the power. This is not meant as a daily solution and can be fraught with problems, such as overheating if they are under a rug or too close to a heater. An extension lead can also be a trip risk or can be damaged without you being aware, making them very dangerous.


A nice, comfortable chair and good lighting can make all the difference to your home office space. Your current lighting might be too bright or too dull for your purposes. However, there are a range of lighting options with dimming switches which can make your lighting more appropriate for any scenario. Dimming switches are essential for most areas in the home as they can change the mood of a room instantly. Given that your home office by day may turn into your relaxed dining or lounging area by night, it’s great to have the ability to make your lighting fit for purpose.

Power Board Overload

We can pack a lot of technology into one space and not think about what this means concerning the power load. Some appliances can be amp hungry and take up a lot of power. These appliances need to be plugged straight into a permanent wall socket. Never “piggyback” plugs into a socket by using a double adaptor. If you notice any degradation or blackening of your board, it needs replacing.

Make sure you have power boards that have overload protection and built-in safety switches/circuit breakers. Some of the cheaper boards do not have this higher level of safety. Albert Corn and Son can offer further information and options in regards to the load on your power board and safe power board products.

Charging Station

There are many products on the market now for charging your devices. These often plug into a wall and have multiple in-built charging outlets. But how quickly and effectively do they charge? We have some excellent powerpoints with multiple built-in USB ports. You are then charging directly from the power source and don’t have to waste time with devices all over the house with various chargers. It’s great to have a charging station that the whole family can use. All devices on the charger at night is a great routine that families can easily adopt with these highly functional USB outlets.

Cable Management

Cables can become an issue on and under your desk and can make the whole space look messy. Not to mention the possibility of getting caught up in them. There are a lot of solutions to these cable issues. We can assist or you can also have a look at the range of options available at Officeworks under their Cable Management section.

Book an appointment today so we can make your space exactly how you want it, to make working at home as comfortable and relaxed as possible.



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