Electrician tips for home renovators

Installing a new kitchen, revamping the bathroom or doing a full home renovation? Renovations are exciting and empowering when done yourself, but there are some aspects where you’ll need professional assistance. When it comes to wiring, asking a licensed electrician to complete any work needed is the safest way to renovate.

Rewiring requirements

A renovation offers a good opportunity to assess the existing wiring of your house and to check if anything needs upgrading. If you have an older home or you are completing a full home renovation, such as changing the floorplan and electrical outlets, there is a good chance you will need some rewiring.  By getting a professional assessment of your home for any underlying electrical issues, you will be ensuring the safety of yourself and your family.

Map out your electrical needs

As your family home grows and technology develops, it is important to understand your home’s electrical capacity and consider how many power outlets you require. It is always best to have more power outlets than you need so you don’t overload single powerpoints. This is especially important if you are adding new living spaces like home offices which require chargers for multiple devices such as computers, modems and printers. With too few outlets or outlets in inconvenient locations, you run the risk of having to run extension cords and causing tripping hazards in your home. By mapping out each room’s requirements with your electrician, you can ensure the circuit and wiring can handle electrical loads safely. Don’t forget to ask your electrician about how you can improve the functionality of your home with advances such as Bluetooth switches and charging stations.

Improve your home’s energy efficiency

There’s no doubt that the price of electricity will continue to increase. Upgrading your home to become a smart home with energy-efficient appliances, programmable devices and timer switches will pay dividends in future. Installing energy-efficient lighting such as LED lights which use 80% less electricity than conventional lighting will also further reduce your electric bills. Adding in thermostats, timer switches and programmable appliances such as air conditioners that turn off when they are not in use will save you even more. There are numerous smart home appliances and devices available, so ask our electrical design team how you can start saving on those bills.

Renovate safely with Albert Corn and Son

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