Do dimmer switches save power?

Dimmer switches can be aesthetically great assets to a home’s ambience and functionality by adjusting the level of light to achieve anything from suiting a particular mood to showcasing a feature area.

The energy levels used with dimmer switches depend on how bright the lights are running. In a nutshell, the brighter the light is burning, the more energy it’s using.

The dimmer switch’s invention dates all the way back to the late 1800s with their design and purpose changing throughout the years. Mostly used in places like cinemas to lower the light around the projectors. It wasn’t until almost the 1960s when a residential version of the dimmer switch was brought to light and marketed to save on energy and create ambience in the home.

But do dimmer switches actually save power?

Modern dimmers vs old dimmers

The engineering behind the dimmer switch has changed to adjust to modern smart homes, LED lighting, and general safety standards. The original residential dimmer switches worked by restricting the amount of electricity flow through a circuit. Then converting unused energy into heat, which on top of being inefficient, also posed a hazard.

Modern dimmers work by stopping and starting the flow of energy at a rapid rate undetectable by the human eye. This means that there is no energy wasted as the flow is stopped. Instead of converted to another energy type, increasing the overall efficiency of lighting by using only what is needed.

The benefits of modern dimmer switches

Most lighting found in residential homes is now LED which is already more energy efficient than using incandescent bulbs. By adding a dimmer switch, you can increase your home’s energy efficiency by ensuring your lighting is only using the energy it needs.

Dim according to the time of day

In homes with a good amount of natural light flowing through them. The need for bright lighting during the day is significantly reduced. Keeping the switches dimmed during the day when they’re not needed. Then increasing the light in the evening will help you save energy by utilising your home’s naturally lit areas.

Dimming can help your globes last longer

Going from off to on is a lot of stress for your lights to undergo every time you flick the switch. The more stress they undertake, the more their lifespan is likely to reduce. Using dimmers can put less strain on your globes and prolong their life, saving you energy and money in replacements.

Be strategic with your lighting areas

We often don’t need the full level of light our globes produce for any given task. With dimmer switches, you can adjust the level in different areas where full lighting is required and in others where it isn’t necessary. Someone eating dinner at the dining table might need more light than the person watching television on the couch. By being conscious of which areas need more or less light you can dim them accordingly and only use the most energy in the area that it’s needed.

Having that extra level of control over your home’s lighting and energy output can be a very useful function. We’re here to guide you through the process and help you determine if dimmer switches are the right option for you.

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