Electrical upgrades that can save you money

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Are you looking for electrical upgrades that can save you money? Look no further! With Albert Corn & Son, one of the most reputable electrical contractors in Geelong, you have access to cost-effective solutions that will enhance your property’s safety, efficiency, and useability.

Security Lights For Your Home

Entrance security lights

Good lighting is essential for security in your home. Security lights deter criminals, make it easier to see if there is a problem, and help you feel more safe and secure. There are many ways you can light up your home using different products and techniques.

Cost-Effective Electrical Upgrades In Geelong

LED Staircase lighting

Electrical upgrades can add the kind of value to your home that you’re likely not aware of. In the thousands! Electrical works aren’t always prioritised however if you plan your budget and choose cost-effective electrical upgrades you can make your home more safe, sustainable, aesthetic and functional, increasing its value.

Why Electrical Safety Inspections Give Property Managers Peace Of Mind

While keeping tenants safe is paramount, knowing your property is fully compliant with the current Residential Tenancies Act makes your job as a Property Manager considerably less stressful. Since March 29, 2021, it has been a requirement for residential rental providers to conduct electrical safety inspections on their rental properties every two years with smoke alarms every 12 months.

Apprentice Electrician

We’re looking for a 1st, 2nd or 3rd Year Electrical Apprentice, if you want to start a rewarding career as an electrician then this opportunity is for you! 

How to make your home smarter with smart technology 

smarter homes

First it was phones, then it was watches. Now, the homes we live in are becoming smarter with technology advances. While smart technology may seem daunting at first, these advancements can make your life easier, save you money and add value to your home.

Lighting up your outdoor space

residential outdoor lighting

After investing in the landscaping and design of your backyard, it is now time to enjoy the space. But wait – you have forgotten about outdoor lighting! Outdoor lighting is essential when it comes to enjoying your outdoor room in the summer. Not to mention the added benefits of safety and security.

Full Time A Grade Electrician ~ Geelong, South West Coast VIC

Albert Corn & Son Pty Ltd is a well-established Electrical Contracting business located in Grovedale, Victoria. We have been in business since 1947 and have created a solid and valued reputation for excellent service and quality in the electrical industry. Our knowledge and experience allow us to provide excellent customer solutions. We enjoy work/life balance and aim to ensure that all our staff complete work to a high standard, efficiently and competently.

Electrician tips for home renovators

Installing a new kitchen, revamping the bathroom or doing a full home renovation? Renovations are exciting and empowering when done yourself, but there are some aspects where you’ll need professional assistance. When it comes to wiring, asking a licensed electrician to complete any work needed is the safest way to renovate.