Alert: Landlords You Need to Know These New Electrical Safety Responsibilities

From March 29 2021, the Victorian Government will begin to enforce the Rental Tenancy Amendments 2021.  As Rental Providers, previously known as landlords, you will have new electrical safety responsibilities.

At Albert Corn and Son, we want to make sure you are as prepared for them as you can be.

So here is a quick guide of everything you need to know.

What has changed for Rental Providers?

Electrical Safety Checks

The rental provider must ensure that an electrical safety check of all electrical installations, appliances and fittings are conducted every 2 years by a licenced electrician. If this has not been done in the last 2 years, it needs to be done as soon as possible.

Additionally, the rental provider must keep a copy of the current Electrical Safety Check and a record of all electrical work performed on behalf of the property.

Smoke Alarm Safety

Smoke alarms must be correctly installed and in working condition and tested every 12 months. If they are not working, the rental provider must arrange for the smoke alarm to be repaired and replaced as an urgent repair.

Have you completed your Electrical Safety Check?

At Albert Corn and Son, we are ready to complete your electrical safety check, so call us now to book it in and rest assured that you will be compliant with the new laws.

Why choose us?

  • We have been working with rental property owners directly and through Real Estate/ Property Managers for many years. We work well with renters to ensure that the jobs are completed respectfully and efficiently with minimal disruption.
  • We have all the necessary licences to complete this work competently.
  • We can send an alert to you when your property is due for its 2 yearly safety check and 12-month smoke alarm check and book this in without delay.
  • We will provide you with a report of the findings of our checks, along with photos of any issues that we identify so that you can be aware and informed of any electrical safety issues at your property.
  • We can complete the repairs we identified in the check, so there is a clear and consistent approach to keeping your property safe.

So don’t wait until it is too late; give us a call on (03) 5245 7727 and get your electrical safety check done.



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